Psychology 101 – Misophonia

Recently I have been looking at Twitter a bit more and came across a tweet that was posted by a Psychology account that I follow and it was discussing Misophonia. It mentioned how most people don’t even realize there is such a thing until they read research or articles about the condition. So I thought […]

Life’s a Journey

The last couple days I’ve been trying to get back into the groove of writing more poems. I couldn’t think of any good ideas for a poem until today when my mom went in for a procedure. When I got back into recovery to see her, that’s when I got the idea for a new […]

Someone Else’s Shoes

We all know everyone starts at the first chapter, but everyone has different experiences, and moments that no one can entirely understand. People say, “You don’t know someone’s history or situation, until you stand in someone else’s shoes,” but it isn’t always that easy. No one can just slip into somebody else’s shoes or simply […]