My Other Half

Today, I decided to post a poem that I made a couple years back. Now you have to understand when I made this poem, it was after my second relationship, which didn’t end well and was cheated on by the guy. Since I was still pretty naive and young, I thought I didn’t deserve a gentleman as a boyfriend. I felt like I didn’t deserve someone who was nice, because of the romantic relationships I had in the past. I thought a boyfriend meant that he was abusive, manipulative, and all the things you don’t want in a boyfriend. That was until last summer.

Last summer I had gotten out of a relationship, that wasn’t really going anywhere like I thought it would, and I was heartbroken. That was until I found someone who would listen to me, cheer me up, and always support me in any decision I was making.

Now this guy had a crush on me since I started at my university, and he spent this time being my friend, and soon became my confidant. I was too busy with school and looking for a relationship, that I didn’t see the guy in front of me. I am and will forever be grateful for him being my confidant, one of my best friends and staying with me for as long as he has. So this is for this guy, my amazing boyfriend.

I see you in my dreams,
I see the outlines of your face.
I know your limits and your goals,
I see you reach for me,
as I reach for you
but we are both so far away.
Each time I dream of you,
your name is different,
but you are still the same man I need,
the same man that my heart and soul desires.
The heart and soul that
knows how to handle my craziness,
my ups and downs,
my past,
my friends,
as well as how to love and respect me.
We were meant to be together,
in this life and in many other lives.
My heart and soul are happy
but with you,
they are complete.
I know when I see you,
that my heart and soul will be complete,
and I will know that it is you that I seek.
Our souls are for eternity.

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