Beauty Product Review of Acne Pimple Master Patch

Do you have problems with acne? Have you tried all the remedies that Pinterest suggest like toothpaste, poking a needle into Advil or garlic? The list goes on…. You even try to use the Rapid Spot treatment that you find at Walmart or Target for cheap. Pretty much anything you can to get rid of that huge pimple on your face. Yet, you still have acne all over your face? I know I’ve tried your name brands from Neutrogena, Clean & Clear, Clearasil, Cetaphil and let’s be honest, who can really afford to keep buying Proactive during their years filled with acne? I don’t think I know one person that can afford that because they’re all in College. I currently use Murad from Sephora (I get reward points when I buy it) and even that gets expensive.

the packaging
My favorite thing about the package is that it’s sealable! So no air or other substances can potentially ruin the patches inside.

This week my mom had seen a video on Facebook about Acne Pimple Master Patch that was starting to become popular in the U.S. You probably have seen them on your News Feed already if you haven’t yet….Buzzfeed did an article about it with some reviews of their own Buzzfeed’s Review. Of course, her knowing that I have always had acne problems decided to buy me a 24 pack of these “Master Patches” and see if they really did work. She got them through Amazon for around $8 and we received them on Sunday night so of course, I stoked to see if this actually worked for me since I had been seeing so many positive comments about them already.

With these patches, you must wash your face with your usual Murad Clarifying Cleanser before placing the patch over my big pimple. When I first pulled out the patches it was sealed by some plastic, which I was happy about because I didn’t know if I had to worry about contamination or not. As for the actual patches they were stuck on another piece of paper and covered with this film, I’m assuming to keep them again from being touched by too much oil and other substances you might have on your hands. I decided to keep the film on top of the patches just so I wouldn’t have to worry about other people’s hands touching what should be something sterile touching my face.

the film and sticky paper patches were on
The film that the patches are stuck to.

I was so excited to try this product that I forgot to take a Before photo of what my pimple looked like; I did get a 12 hour After photo and I think with the results I got on my patch once I peeled it off really shows how big it was beforehand anyways.

While I was putting on the patch, it was super sticky which was great to me as I was curious how long the stickiness would last throughout the night. After I placed it over the pimple, I continued with my face wash routine with my Murad Acne Clearing Solution and my CeraVe Moisturizing Lotion. For anyone who might wonder if you feel anything while you have it on, I didn’t feel anything. It didn’t really bother me at all during my studying or while I slept and stayed on until morning!!! Anymore it seems like the stickiness never lasts on anything even duct-tape, so already got 3 stars from me!

By the time this morning came around, I was getting a little hesitant just because of how many acne products I’ve tried thinking they would work, and they didn’t help my pimples at all. I looked in the mirror this morning before pulling it off and could see the nasty white guck that it had pulled out of my pimple during the night.

See evidence 1….”The Patch After my Volcano Pimple”.

white substance after taking off the patch after 12 hours
See that white circle on the foggy patch? That’s what came out of my pimple. Gross!


After I took it off, my pimple looked like this.

After photo
I know it doesn’t look like much., but you can already see the bump getting smaller.

Tonight, I have a new pimple that I am trying it on which is on my eyebrow line. For those you don’t get pimples there, those pimples hurt as much as the ones in or around your nose. This pimple is a lot smaller than the first patch I used last night, which I’m grateful for the variety of different sizes they provided. So I’m using the tiniest ones on that pimple for tonight and I’m excited to see how it looks in the morning too.

Hopefully, the results keep looking up because I would buy the biggest package they have of them. I also think the company and other stores that sell them would make so much profit off these. Overall after the first time using the new Acne Pimple Master Patch, I would definitely recommend this to anyone with a pimple they want to flatten out or be gone by the next couple days. I would use this if I had some big presentation or wedding or family gathering to go to in the next couple days, and I know there will be photos. After seeing my results of my first pimple and being cut in half the size in a 12 hours period, I would say they were better than I expected! I can’t believe these weren’t made before now because it would have been handy in High School for High School Yearbook Photo day and Club photos. This acne product would have saved many people from having their Yearbook photo cleaned up and any photoshopped pictures they may have from their younger days.

My Overall Rating: It’s got 5 stars for me, especially if continues to give me amazing results.

From the Ashes,

The Rising Phoenix

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