Day 8159 of My Life

Originally, I had planned on making a blog for “Last Minutes Halloween Costumes” until a friend of mine who works at KSN called me with some really sad news. She had seen that I was friends on Facebook with a victim that was found this morning in the city I live in. I couldn’t believe that she was the unidentified body that was found as she was such an amazing soul. This afternoon while I was at work, I had learned about this news and quietly cried about it at my cubicle before continuing my work. It made realize that you can’t take anything for granted, and even horrible things can happen to wonderful people. I can only hope that the investigation gives the family closure and that she is at peace where ever she may be.

Along with this news that I received this afternoon, I felt as if my friends that I knew were friends with her – also deserved to know before hearing it on the news, but also didn’t want to offend her family by overstepping my bounds since it wasn’t my news to spread. The friends that I was able to get in contact with about her death were just as shocked as I was, to think a girl at her age and with a beautiful personality could be dead so soon.

Which brings me to my point about this, that life again just shows you that it isn’t ever fair. Just when you think life is being fair and kind to you and your friends – it swings back around and slaps you in the face with the cold hard truth that life isn’t fair. It never has been fair, but as human beings, we tend to get complacent about things such as; driving, getting everything we want, life treating us fairly, or in this case – thinking a beautiful person could live to be older than 20 years old. I’m sure for most people that doesn’t surprise you much, and I may only be 22 years old but I already know that life is never fair or in your favor.

As much as I say that life treats you unfair, I am grateful for the small things that life does give out to us because no matter how difficult or challenging life may get for you; you’ve got to stay positive, enjoy the moments you get with your loved ones, and appreciate the small accomplishments like when you finish a class for your minor ahead of schedule. Those small things may be different for everyone, but those are the ones I try to always appreciate it, especially when I finish my online Criminal Justice class almost a month and a half early. It hasn’t been a difficult class, as most of the Criminal Justice classes I take have been pretty decent, but it has been the only one that I’ve enjoyed during the entire semester. Those small things like getting to spend time with my family, completing a class or figuring out my schedule for next semester are the things that I look forward to and are most grateful for. Life will always throw things in our paths that aren’t always what we intended, but that’s a part of the journey I think, and that’s what makes life great.

In the Ashes,

The Rising Phoenix

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