Beg For Forgiveness

This is a great way to think of forgiveness for the victim. I have a couple people who have told me, “You should forgive him, in order to forgive yourself”. First of, why should I forgive myself when I haven’t done anything wrong? Second of all, you shouldn’t be telling me who to forgive or not to forgive. It’s my body, my healing process and opinion on how to handle it. It should be the victim or survivor’s choice on whether or not they forgive the assaulter.

The Pin-up Philosopher

With the recent #MeToo movement, and the incredible number of pointed harassment allegations that have become public, I think it’s time that we have a conversation about how we respond to the allegations as well as how we respond to apologies. My #MeToo was a screengrab of an apology that I received from a guy who had pushed me into a bathroom stall and pinned me against the wall, forcibly kissing me and grabbing me as I tried to get away. The apology wasn’t great, but frankly the recognition that it had happened and that it was wrong, without my having to make what happened public or ask for an apology, was A LOT more than I’d ever gotten from anyone else. I believed that his apology was sincere, and I was happy to accept it and move on because, as weird as it might sound, I really like and…

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