Shout-Out to Justmenmyart

Lately, I’ve been interested in doing collaborations or shout-out’s for some of my blogs as a fellow friend, blogger and model had suggested doing a collaboration or shout-out an idea. I don’t know if any of my readers who happen to also be bloggers tend to search WordPress, Blogger, Penzu or any of the other […]

I’m Ashamed….

Disclaimer: This is probably hardest blog that I’ve written due to how ashamed I am of what I’m about to disclose to you. So please be kind and try not to judge when you read this blog. I realize it is longer than most of them, but I want to explain why it is important […]

The Ending to My Senior Year

Lumos! Originally this semester I thought would go so slow, but it actually went pretty fast. It’s already Finals Week and I’m not ready for them! I mean, who is ever ready for Finals though???? After Thanksgiving break though, it seems to fly through the week. I’ve got presentations, 3 finals and oral and lab […]

To Understand My Mom

Originally posted on little word studio:
That morning I ordered waffles, which I almost never do. Funny I can recall the waffles with such clarity (syrup-soaked, dense) and next the walk home along a Chicago street bordered by pudgy brownstones. It was a sunlit April day, the bitterness of Midwest winter finally releasing its grasp.…

Bad Boys by Aubrey Hirsch

Originally posted on .JellyfishReview.:
Bad Boys They seemed like accidents at first: Jacob’s heel in the soft tissue of her diaphragm, Harley’s head bouncing off her cheekbone. Perhaps I was tickling them too hard, Stella mused as she catalogued her new bruises after putting the boys to bed. What parent didn’t have an inventory of…