The Ending to My Senior Year


Originally this semester I thought would go so slow, but it actually went pretty fast. It’s already Finals Week and I’m not ready for them! I mean, who is ever ready for Finals though???? After Thanksgiving break though, it seems to fly through the week. I’ve got presentations, 3 finals and oral and lab exams in less then a week. No wonder I needed a break this last weekend to splurge and take some time to relax, but man was it rough to get back into the motion of studying and working on assignments. I’m slowly getting the presentations and finals completed. Send good vibes to me!

PSA: If my readers do not know this about me, I am HUGE Harry Potter and Wizarding World Fan. I have followed the series for as long as I can remember, I wasn’t able to read them as I didn’t learn to read properly until Middle School due to my learning disability (fun fact about myself). It didn’t stop my love for the Wizarding World and all the magic it offers. I felt like it was a world I could escape to when this world/reality was rough for me. I really could connect to Hermione, Ginny and Luna for most of my childhood, and I could see myself as Witch like they were. It’s also one of the main reasons for my Signature and the name of my Blog, if you haven’t caught that yet. While that didn’t become true due to Voldemort destroying all records of Witches/Wizards born from 1985-1998 at the Ministry of Magic, I never felt like I wasn’t apart of the Wizarding World. However, when there is anything related to the Wizarding World in my hometown – the Witch in me has to be apart of it. So of course I went to the Yule Ball!!!!


This last weekend, my boyfriend and I went the Yule Ball that the Museum of World Treasures held on Saturday, and OMG was it everything I thought it would be….considering it was a Muggle party, it was pretty cool. They had the Triwizard Tournament with various tasks for the Witches/Wizards party guests, King and Queen of Yule Ball and of course, Dolores Umbridge as the Announcer and DJ. I know that she is a horrible woman after what she did to the Golden and Silver Trio…but she is pretty awesome DJ. Her and Professor McGonagall also had an awesome dance-off during one song.

The best thing I think about the whole thing was the set-up and the costumes and outfits everyone came in. The ceiling was enchanted with candles, the walls and pillars had candles and Christmas lights hanging on them.

The costumes were by far the best! There was Professor McGonagall, a Merlin (who was suppose to be Dumbledore), Dobby and Mr. Lovegood. Someone was dressed up as Rowena Ravenclaw and had her Diadem, while everyone else dressed in prom dresses or some kind of outfit that might resemble what the characters wore at the Yule Ball. However, I did not see anyone come in a Hermione inspired dress. I may have to be the one to do that next year. At one point during the dance, we even voted on Best Dressed/Roleplay. It was between Umbridge, Dobby, Merlin and Rowena…who you can all guess who won probably…..


Dobby of course!!! He was a pretty cool Dobby to, but sadly I didn’t get a Muggle photo with him. I love my Muggle phone, but I do wish it could capture motion photos to share my experience with you all, so you will have to just go next year when they have it again!! I know I’ll be there again if I’m not busy around this time next year. I hope this Muggle photos give you an idea of what it was like though, and shares my love of the Wizarding World with you.

Overall, it was an amazing and beautiful evening, and I didn’t want it to end. I also hope my friends in these photos don’t mind me sharing them. I think we look great in these Muggle photos! It was worth the $40 for me and my boyfriend, free snacks, dancing, Triwizard Tournament, King & Queen and dance-offs between people.

I have to say it was an amazing way to the 1st semester of my Senior Year, now to finish off those Finals strong so I can get back to enjoying my books and daydreaming of this night and what Hogwarts would have been like, if I did go. Next time I post I will be done with all my finals!


The Rising Phoenix

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