Issues I have with New Year’s Resolutions

For those that have followed me from the beginning, or have recently joined me in my journey through the beauty and chaos of life – we’ve made it to 2018!!!


Last week was the first week of 2018 technically, which meant that you probably had friends and family members making New Years Resolutions like everyone does every new year. They probably even ask you every year what your New Year Resolutions and you either have to think of something on the spot or use the same one you thought of last year. You also probably know that a good majority of folks won’t follow through with their New Years Resolutions either because life gets hectic after they all go back to work, school or other life obstacles that may come up. I’m not trying to tell you that resolutions are dumb or anything like that, I do think however that New Years Resolutions have different meanings for everyone.

Now I’m sure we’ve all heard this resolution at some point during our lives….the “I’m going to lose weight”, or “I’m going to start working out regularly” resolutions. Throughout the years, this resolution has become popular due to social media and advertising with so many businesses. The YMCA, Planet Fitness and Genesis Health Club here in the Wichita area all put their “free week”, or “free membership for a month when you sign up for a membership” deals up on all TV stations, ads on Facebook and other local advertisements to draw in more customers during the last several weeks of December. You’ll have people go to the Fitness Centers/Gym’s the first week of January, to only drop their resolution after a week or two of going to the gym on a regular basis. Again, this may be due to the fact that other things in their lives come up such as; family issues, medical issues, work and etc.


Now I’m not saying I haven’t been one of those people because I have. I’ve made several New Years Resolutions in the past like; “Being a Better Person”, “Being More Active”, “Trying to trust more people than I currently do”, and so on. For me, it wasn’t that school got in the way or extracurricular activities, it was the fact that I didn’t know what it meant to be a “Better person”, or how to “trust more people” than I did at the time. It’s not like there are books out there that can perfectly and universally define “Being a Better Person” or “Learning how to trust more people in High School”, and give realistic options for everyone in order to obtain those goals; because everyone’s reasoning for not trusting people is different and the same goes for being a better person. Who says everyone has to have New Years Resolutions? Who says I can’t make a resolution at any other time during the year, or that I don’t want to make any at all? I think that is why New Years Resolutions shouldn’t be just for New Years, nor should it have the stigma that it currently does in society.

We, as human beings, should be able to make changes whenever we want and however we want, without being judged by other people. We shouldn’t have to feel pressured into making a New Years Resolution by our friends, co-workers, or family members; or even pressured into going to the gym if that isn’t what we truly want to do. We, as human beings, have our own opinions and standards for what we want to do in our lives and that should be respected no matter what. Social Media has caused so many issues, insecurities, and other mental illnesses since it became popular, and this New Years Resolution only makes it worse for individuals. Human beings want to feel empowered, confident and happy with the way they are living their life, and if they want to make a New Years Resolution or not….than it should be entirely up to them and only them. We shouldn’t be pressuring our peers into something, especially if it is one that may not be seen as important to that individual, like it may for yourself.


Now if I had to pick one New Years Resolution, I would pick one that was meant for everyone and not just myself. I would make my New Years Resolution to be one that during this year, we treat our friends, family, peers, bosses and whoever else we may run across in this new year – with the same amount of compassion, love, acceptance, and respect that we would want and expect from anyone in our lives. I know this may seem like an impossible goal to obtain, but I feel like we can accomplish this one…and if we do accomplish this goal, then we can accomplish anything that our lives may throw at us. Who knows, maybe this goal of mine will make New Years Resolutions disappear at least in the Wichita area.

In The Ashes,

The Rising Phoenix

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