What Classes Am I Taking?

My Senior Year I am finally able to focus on my classes for my Major and Minor, which for those that don’t know – I’m studying Psychology with a Minor in Criminal Justice. The past semesters have been fulfilling requirements for WSU, my Liberal Arts and Science College and KBOR and I finally acheived that. It took me since I started at Cowley CC back in 2013 to get to where I’m at today at Wichita State. I felt like I was never going to finish or get anywhere with my degree, which isn’t always a terrible thing I’ve learned – it just means that I was meant to enjoy the time I had at Cowley and WSU while it lasts. I am excited and grateful for how far I’ve come from starting my college experience to now seeing what next semester has in store for me, especially with this semesters classes. Most of my classes are in person (which I prefer), while one is a Hybrid that I’ve never got to experience in my college life.

SPAN 210: Intermediate Spanish
This one really speaks for itself. This is part of a requirement for the Liberal Arts and Science College that I’m in for my degree. At first I wasn’t sure that I really would enjoy learning how to speak Spanish, let alone understand it (partially, I’m still working on it) and translating in order to converse with other individuals; but I really love it so far. This class specifically will talk about holding conversations in Spanish with other individuals, which is the area that I struggle with so I’m sure later on in the semester I’ll have some comment about my struggles in understanding and grasping this concept. So stay tuned!!

BIOL 310: Human Reproduction: Issues & Perspectives
This course I’m rather excited for along with my Psychology and Spanish courses. This one will cover Human Reproduction, I mean who doesn’t find that pretty cool? No one but me? That’s alright to. I’ve always been interested in the biological aspect of human beings, thus one of the huge reasons I’m a Psychology Major! Pretty much I’ll learn everything from STI/STD’s, human sexual organs, review how babies are concieved and made. Some people may not find this pretty exciting or too personal, but I would rather be prepared for all of that stuff then to be surprised that I somehow got an STD or got pregnant. Only so much Googling and talking to my mom and sister about sex and reproduction can help.

PSY 324: Psychology of Personality
Now this class…..man, am I stoked for this! I know my nerdy love for Psychology is showing, but bare with me. This class is going to touch on different personalities that individuals can have such as; Sociopath and Psychopath, the Cognitive and Biological factors that can cause someone to act a practicular way, and those are just some of the topics we will cover during the semester from what I’ve read in the Syllabus. Another reason I am excited for this class is the fact that I have again always been curious as to why a Serial Killer acts a certain way, and what makes them all of sudden feel the urge to kill someone. I’m hoping this class will sort of go into depth about this, and more of the Biological, Cognitive and Personality aspects and how they play a role in why someone might kill other people.

CJ 391: Corrections
This is a requirement for my Minor in Criminal Justice. I’m not as interested in this area of Criminal Justice, but if I want to understand an individual and why they would commit a murder – it can’t hurt. It will go in depth into what happens to a criminal after they are sentenced such as; the prisons, the rehabiliation programs, death penalty and the history behind why all of the facilities and programs came to be.

Overall, I’m pretty excited to see what new things I get to learn this semester, even if I may have struggles. It’s better to struggle then never try at all, right?
I also hope to be more relaxed and less stressed about my grades and studying constantly, and focus more on the journey through my last year here at WSU. I’m making it my goal for this semester to pass my classes, maintain my 3.5 or above GPA and enjoy my last year here – all while remaining calm and de-stressed.

From the Ashes,

The Rising Phoenix

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