I Am a Survivor of Sexual Assault

So many people have come out lately and told their stories due to the Harvey Weinstein reports, and the #MeToo movement. This is another one of those individuals that felt like sharing their story as well.


*Please note that this blog will contain images of sexual assault, violence and discussion of rape

Today’s blog is a very serious and important blog. For the last two days, I have felt so angry and so sad about everything that has been going on. If you haven’t heard about Harvey Weinstein and the multiple woman who have come forward admitting that he has sexual harassed them, I’ll leave a link at the end. Rose McGowan on Thursday tweeted that he had raped her, she is the fourth woman to come forward and say he raped them. 

Rose later was suspended by Twitter for breaking Twitter’s rules and was advised if she deleted the tweets she could get back on faster, so I’ve read.  I love Twitter, I really do, it’s my favourite social media platform and it’s helped me grow my blog over the last few months, however today, I stand away from…

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